Referral Agent Program

How To Make Income Through a Real Estate Referral Program

With Vibe Referral Agents


You can do just that at Vibe Referral Agents.  All licensed real estate agents in Missouri and Kansas must maintain certain criteria in order to keep a license active. However, agents may choose to put their membership with the National, State, and Local associations of Realtors on hold to run a referral-based business.

Real estate agents running a referral-based business will collect a referral fee by providing client opportunities to other actively licensed professionals, thereby earning income. Choosing to run a referral-based business in real estate allows an agent to collect income based on an established client base.

The agent will refer clients to other agents for a fee of some agreed-upon percent of the commission upon closing. Referral agents are not required to be members of the local real estate board or be responsible for some of the dues that active license holders may face.

Agents that are working on a referral basis are subjected to the same rules and requirements as any other actively licensed agent when it comes to continuing education requirements for the state in which they are licensed.  To find out more information on continuing education please visit


How to put your license on referral


1.    Go to and print out an “Application for License/Information Change”

2.    Schedule a meeting with Paula so we can handle all the necessary paperwork together

3.    Fill out the form and mail the completed form to: Missouri Real Estate Commission, 3605 Missouri Boulevard, P.O. Box 1339, Jefferson City, MO 65102

4.    This will keep your license active but put on hold with Vibe Referral Agents.  

*Vibe Referral Agents LLC does not require you to belong to any boards, multiple listing services, or other organizations or pay any desk or franchise fees.*

Keep up with state training requirements.


1.    Complete Missouri’s continuing-education requirements for real estate agents

2.    Renew your license and pay the fee when due to keep your license valid

3.    Notify the commission of any change of address. If real estate officials cannot contact you, they may make your license null and void.


Note:  Vibe Referral Agents LLC is a separate entity from NextHome Vibe Real Estate. We have created two separate companies to distinguish between our Realtors and Licensed Referral agents.

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